Gruyere Suisse AOC – 100g

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Order by weight – 100G/pack (Should you prefer a big piece with your requested weight, Please do let us know this remarks on “Remarks” column”.)

Cow milk


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Gruyere Suisse AOC is associated with the Fribourg town of Gruyere. Large, hard, brine-scrubbed cheeses like Comte and Beaufort have been produced in France and Switzerland since the 11th century. Traditionally with polled milk from cows grazing on summer and autumn pastures brought down to the valley’s cooperative dairies.

The natural rind is pale-brown and moist. The supple, dense and smooth interior becomes slightly crumbly with age. Colour varies seasonally (cream to pale yellow) and it may have small scattered eyes and cracks. The creamy, nutty, fruity flavour is slightly salty.

Try a fondue with Emmental or Beaufort! Best paired with a Savoie wine or even a beer.

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