Cheese Fondue – Artisan cheese 400g

Price: Regular HKD 285

50% Gruyère Suisse
50% Vacherin Fribourgeois
(400g) already pre-grated for your tasty fondue at home.
Recommended portions: 2 to 3 persons.
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Cheese Fondue is an Alpine dish found in France and Switzerland. It consist of melted cheese served in  a pot heated by a candle. Dip bread into the cheese to eat it !

This premade mix consist of 2 grated farmhouse Swiss cheeses. Already pre-grated, add 25 cl of wine and spices (nutmeg, pepper) in a casserole and stir on low to medium fire until it melts completely (about 10 mins). If too thick add more white wine or some kirsch liquor.

We recommend to serve it with a dry white wine such as a Riesling, a Sauvignon or an Apremont from Savoie.

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