Buchette Tomato Basilic

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Buchette Tomato Basilic

First, this pasteurised goat milk cheese is a speciality from fromagerie Jacquin.

Then, cylindric shape, this cheese has a fresh and rich “natural” taste. Overall, the cheese master added tomato and basil  to the cheese to give a touch of freshness.

Buchette Tomato Basilic  can be enjoyed on toast for appetizer or for a healthy breakfast.


About Jacquin Cheese producer:

For 50 years or 3 generations Jacquin family produces goat cheeses.

Everybody has the will to keep on featuring among the best in their field. Their magic and success are a combination of quality, innovation, modernity but also tradition and know-how. They are both simple and complexe at the same time.

Located in La Vernelle, in the beautiful Loire Valley of France, Jacquin produces some of France’s best cheeses . Fromagerie Jacquin produces and matures 500 tons of goat cheeses yearly.

Pascal and Christian Jacquin still run the fromagerie. The fromagerie still uses traditional hand-molding techniques and traditional affinage.

Last but not least, Jacquin is definitely considered as the King of Goat Cheeses from Loire Valley. Famous Cheese names  such as Selles s/Cher, Valençay, Ste Maure de Touraine that you can also find in Monsieur CHATTÉ shop. Bon Appétit !