Truffle dry Ham

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Truffle dry Ham

First, the perfect appetiser for your Festive season.

Then, Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to directly import cold cuts from Maison Loste since 3 family generations.
Loste is a butcher ” charcutier traiteur”  for over 150 years in Paris. Maison Loste has retained the family values and artisanal spirit of its founder, Pierre Loste.
Monsieur CHATTÉ shares the same ethic and value and is really proud to import a nice range of products from Maison Loste for the Christmas season.
A very nice addition to your cold cut platter to share with friends or family as appetiser around Christmas time.
This item is Christmas exclusive which means that it will only be available for the festive season.
You can enjoy them with a glass of red wine such as Crozes hermitage.
Most of all, A pure moment of pleasure and conviviality.
This ham is certified with no antibiotics or additional preservatives.
Bon Appétit.
Please book prior to December 6th to guaranty availability.
This product will be air-shipped from France.
Ask more information to our staff.
Preorder to avoid disappointment. Limited quantities available.