Tomme de Savoie – 100g

Price: Regular HKD 58

Order by weight – 100G/pack (Should you prefer a big piece with your requested weight, Please do let us know this remarks on “Remarks” column”.)

Unpasteurized cow milk

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Tomme de Savoie is a traditional Alpine cheese, traditionally made for domestic consumptions. While most of the milks herd were pooled together to make huge wheel of cheese weighing up to 70kg, Tomme de Savoie are no bigger than 1 – 2 kg. Indeed the leftover were used to make butter and Tommes.

The grey rind is a distinctive grey and hard texture spotted with red and yellow moulds. The paste is slightly sticky, semi-hard, pale yellow. The aromas are earthy and the flavour mild.

Well appreciated by itself or grilled. Will do a perfect pairing with a Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil, a Gigondas or white wine from Savoie such as Chignin Bergeron.

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