Mixed Cold cut and cheese platter 1.5kg

Price: Regular HKD 1,300

1.5kg platter

Serves 10 to 15 people


Mixed Cold cut and cheese platter 1.5kg

Enjoy a mixed selection of cold cuts and Farmhouse cheese by Monsieur CHATTÉ.

Cannot decide between a cheese platter or a cold cut platter?

Choose this item while making it both!

First, this platter includes 1kg of Cold cuts such as Paris Cooked Ham, Bayonne Ham 10 months, Rosette qualité supérieure and 500g of precut Comté fruitee grande Reserve and Mimolette 6 months old.

Then, some French gherkins, tomatoes, parsley and grape will be added for the decoration of the platter.

All our cold cuts and cheese are directly sourced and imported by Monsieur CHATTÉ.

The cold cuts are preservative and additives free and brought from the farm to your plate by our team.

Finally, Mixed Cold cut and cheese platter will be the perfect addition to your corporate party, family or friend ‘s gathering.

Do not forget to enjoy it with a nice bottle of wine. Check Monsieur CHATTÉ’s cellar selection and the wine of the month to enjoy great discount while checking the “promotions” category.

Each month can you enjoy and discover a special wine.

With cold cut and cheese platter we would definitely recommend a nice Pinot Noir from Alsace, Languedoc or Burgundy ! Santé