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Le Caussenard

Price: Regular HKD 50

Sell per 100g.

Should you order 200g, please let us know if you prefer 2x 100g pcs or simply 1 piece of 200g.



Le Caussenard

Discover Le Caussenard cheese at Monsieur CHATTE.
First, made with thermised ewe milk cheese, This cheese is  a gourmet treasure from the enchanting Causses plateau in France.
Then, it uses only the highest quality milk to create a product of exceptional flavor and quality.

Last but not least, this artisanal cheese is a true testament to centuries of cheese-making tradition and expertise.

First, this cheese from Occitanie region has a luxurious texture. It is not only  creamy but also velvety.  It has a complexity of flavors that is simply unmatched. Then, each bite reveals a symphony of savory notes, complemented by subtle hints of the terroir from which it originates.

Perfect for both casual gatherings and special occasions, Le Caussenard cheese adds a touch of sophistication to any cheese platter or culinary creation. Pair it with a crisp white wine or a fruity red for a delightful tasting experience that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

The diameter is approximately twenty centimeters and 5 to 7 centimeters in height. The weight varies between 3 to 3.5 kilograms depending on the cheese. Caussenard is produced from sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and maturing ferments.

The Vernières cheese factory, specialized in the manufacture of Roquefort AOP since 1890, manufactures Le Caussenard with the aim of continuing its production and selling the milk of its partner producers outside the Roquefort production period.

Enjoy this cheese simply on a cheese board or cooked on top of potatoes. A delight!



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