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Saucisson and Mixed cheese platter

The Saucisson and Mixed cheese platter is the perfect platter to share to enjoy with your family members friends or colleagues.

Do you know the art of cutting cheese? Then, do not bother and enjoy Ready and set for you, you simply need to open it and it ready for a tasting.

Everything is pre- and finger food. You will ease the preparation and logistics with this new platter.

Everybody can help itself directly once platter is set on the table without getting to study the art of cutting cheese.

Impress your guests with this ready to eat platter. Not only beautiful for your eyes it is a delight for your taste buds!

This platter to share includes:

Saucisson Balls nature and spicy (will put Roquefort saucisson balls instead if No more spicy or nature in stock), some grapes and 4 to 5 kind of hard paste or medium hard paste farmhouse cheeses. A selection of 1kg farmhouse cheese.

This platter fits perfectly for 10 to 12 px.


The Art of cutting cheese:

It is a very long story with so many rules…

Cutting the cheese is part of the French etiquette. It is a knowledge that creates a lot of French polemics around the table.
Most make sense though since how you cut the cheese has to do with leaving a decent serving for the next person, and then leaving the cheese in the best shape to keep it.
“Cutting the nose” is to avoid. The nose being the edge part (mostly the center part of the cheese) which mostly is the best and the creamiest.

Therefore it is necessary to ensure a fair distribution between the rind and the dough.

The taste is usually stronger next to the rind, and you also want to be polite and leave some dough for everybody.




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