Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business. 根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。

Comte Leloup du Chateau de Chasseloir

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie

The Château remains in Saint Fiacre in the heart of the Sèvre et Maine appellation of Muscadet.

During the French Revolution they destroyed it and never rebuilt it. Unfortunately only one tower remains today.

 Bernard Chéreau senior bought the Chateau in 1953.

Appellation: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie, AOP.

Grape Variety: 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Terroir: The vines planted on the schistous oil are more than hundred years old. They were planted after the phylloxera crisis in France.

Harvest and Ageing on lies:

First, Harvest is totally made by hand to preserve both the vines and the quality of the wine. Then, berries remain entire until crushed into the press. Importantly, the wine stays 10 months on the lees. The ageing on the lees and the technique of “batonnage” brings more complexity and fruit to the wine. After all, after bottling, they age the wine for a minimum of 2 years at the winery.

The chateau produces this cuvée during the best years only.

Tasting Notes: At first, a yellow colour with golden reflects. Then, a nose of almonds and butter which pair very well with elegance. Then, a nose of white fruits and citrus notes. Overall, the wine has a long and mineral finish.

Food and Wine pairing recommendations:

Always nice with seafood, it will also pair very well with fish, white meat and cheeses.

Maison Chéreau Carré

Created in 1960, the winery produces high quality Muscadet “Sèvre et Maine”. Their wines have always been produced on the finest schist terroirs in the appellation, using the best vinification techniques, including harvesting by hand, aging on lees and letting the wine age in the bottle.

They rest on the quality of our terroir to create various Cuvées.

Chéreau-Carré is also a family story. Today, two generations work closely together to run the four wine producing estates.




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