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Whole Grain Crispy French Crackers

First those crackers are made in France by Patisserie des Flandres.

These petite, delectable waffles are delicious on their own, but when filled, they transform into delightful treats. Customize them to your liking by topping them with cheese cream, antipasti, ham, sausages, or pickled fish. They also pair beautifully with a dip for added flavor. Enjoy experimenting with different toppings to create your perfect waffle delicacy!

Finally those crackers are lightly and naturally flavored with olive oil and basil. The perfect addition  with a cheese platter. 

Dicover our mixed cracker platter for your catering party!

Whole Grain Crispy French Crackers from Patisserie des Flandres.

Patisserie des Flandres is a French company making savoury and sweet crackers / waffles.
They have a “clean label” for their products, which means products are free from preservatives, palm oil, artificial colors, and flavors.

Their “butter crackers” are savory wafers made with  natural ingredients. The perfect gourmet snacks to offer an authentic whole grain flavor. They incorporate 30 to 40% of melted cheese into the wafer dough before baking.
Try also their other cracker range: ready-to-top toast crackers, known as Crispy French crackers. These thin and crispy crackers provide the perfect base for pairing with various cheeses, fine charcuterie, pâtés, and even foie gras.

Whole Wheat Crackers. 39% WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT FLOUR, WHEAT FLOUR, rapeseed oil, 11.5% linseed, raising agents (potassium tartrate, sodium carbonate), salt.
Nutritional Facts:
per 100g / 100ml
Calories: 1951 kJ / 466 kcal
fat: 20.9g
Saturated fatty acids: 2,5g
Carbohydrates: 55 g
of which sugars: 2 g
Protein: 11 g
Salt: 2.8 g



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