Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Perles de Cidre cider Brut

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Perles de Cidre cider Brut Val de Rance

First, this high-quality cider, with its fine bubbles, has a beautiful golden color and slightly tart aromas with subtle floral and citrus notes.

Indeed, their Cellar Master crafted this premium cider using top-notch cider apples. It includes the ancestral Guillevic variety. The delicate and fruitycider is the result of their Cellar Master’s expertise.

On the palate, it offers a lively combination of delicate aromas and new flavors, with pleasantly tart notes. This cider, with its unique blend, is perfect for enjoying with sweet treats. Perles de cidre  will enhance your desserts like a champagne, whether they are chocolate-based or fruity, and elevate your party ideas.

Perfect to enjoy with a sea salted dish or a fruit dessert. A classic with the king’s cake tradition.

About Val de Rance Cooperative producer for Perles de Cidre cider Brut Val de Rance

Cider Brut comes from The Rance Valley: favorite region for cider apples

First, since their creation in 1953, the cooperative “Les Celliers Associés” has been based in Pleudihen-sur-Rance in the Côtes d’Armor.  More preciselely the coorperative is on a site bordering the estuary of the Rance, a coastal river with lush banks.

Then, benefiting from special conditions, the Rance valley has always been a region conducive to the cultivation of cider apple trees. Thus producing fruits rich in sugar and aromatic.

Along the Rance Valley and around Dinan, the pommage has many sweet and bitter varieties (Jeanne Renard, Chevalier Jaune, Marie Menard, etc.) and a few sour varieties.

Finally, typical apples give Val de Rance a cider with a beautiful orange color. They also bring fruity notes of ripe apples and a slight bitterness punctuated by a hint of astringency.

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