Domaine Peiriere Red, White or rosé

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18,7cl -> serves 2 glasses.

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Domaine Peiriere, 187ml.

Domaine Peirière, located in the heart of the Minervois, benefits from both exceptional sunshine, but also the cool nights brought by the Montagne Noire.

As a consequence, this is an ideal climate to promote the development of grape aromas.
The grape variety of the 230 hectare estate, replanted 30 years ago, includes the full range of sun-loving grape varieties. Finally, the harvest, made at night, is completely vinified at the Domaine, in cellars equipped with the most modern equipment.

The wine is available in red ( Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon), rosé (grenache noir) and white ( chardonnay or sauvignon blanc).

Those bottles serve the equivalent of 2 glasses.

Perfect to enjoy with our Gourmet Lunch Platter. It is also a solution for your picnic thanks to the screw cap, you can enjoy it directly and easily everywhere and anywhere!

A great addition to any gift inside a small hamper to say “Cheers!”