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Mini Financier almond cakes canapé

Price: Regular HKD 480

Platter includes 30 pieces


Mini Financier almond cakes canapé

Platter of 30 pieces.

The little rectangular almond cakes known as financiers are sold in many of the best pastry shops in Paris.

Mini Financier almond cakes canapé are about as addictive as chocolate.

Indeed, the finest have a firm, crusty exterior and a moist, almond paste interior.

Their texture is amazing; their taste is beyond delicious.

Made with egg white and ground almonds, they have a unique flavour. They are popular for their soft texture, bitter almond aroma and nutty buttery taste.

Next to the madeleine, and cannelé the financier is probably the most popular French cake for your afternoon tea time.

Thus a common street food for morning or afternoon snacking.

Hence the cake’s name probably comes from the fact that a financier resembles a solid gold brick.

History of Mini Financier almond cakes:

The sisters of the Visitandine order in Nancy, Lorraine created the Financiers in 17th Century. This is also the reason why they are nicknamed visitandines. In the north of France.

Although it was only in 19th century that financiers gained popularity. After the Renaissance, almond pastries were not very popular as Cyanide used to suppress enemies have a similar smell as bitter almond.

In 1890 a Swiss pastry chef called Lasne revisited the recipe of Financier in his boutique in Paris.
Among his clients, there were many financiers and big names in high finance. Lasne therefore decided to bring the visitandines recipe up to date by creating a cake that did not dirty the fingers, to the great satisfaction of these gentlemen.

He deliberately used rectangular mold in order to reproduce the gold bars of the stock exchange. The cake was a real success and is popular until today.

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