Mini Cannelés de Bordeaux

Price: Regular HKD 480

Platter of 30 pcs.

A must try!


Mini Cannelés de Bordeaux

Platter includes 30 pcs.

Frist, cannelés are golden and crispy cakes with a custardy centre.

Then, flavoured with a hint of rum and vanilla pod, it is a typical Bordeaux delicacy.

Monsieur CHATTÉ pastry chef home-makes it in Hong Kong.

We can propose you 2 ranges.

Traditional size for gourmets and gourmands but also Mini size for your cocktail party.

Fan of Cannelés?

Discover our savoury versions for your party to entertain and surprise your guests.

History of Cannelé de Bordeaux.

The canelé is a cake from Bordeaux and part of Aquitaine’s culinary heritage back to the 18 century.

Fining (process of filtering wine in a vat), using stiff egg whites is a traditional technique used in wine-making.

Indeed, as the yolks are not needed for vinification, they were given to the nuns from the Annonciades convent to make cakes, particularly canelés.

The name canelé comes from the fluted copper cake moulds (‘cannelé’ means ‘fluted’ in French).