Edel de Cléron

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100g, wooden box.


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Edel de Cléron 100g

Pasteurised cow’s milk cheese from Franche Comté region. It is named after the village where it was born, Cléron , located in the Loue valley.

By its taste, form and texture, it is very close to a Vacherin Mont-d’Or.

This type of Vacherin has an extremely mild and creamy texture with an earthy aroma. You can either have it cold or warmed in the oven.

Same way as the Mont d’or. 10 mins

into the oven 210-200C (pre- wrapped it with foil papper).

Enjoyed it with baked potatoes orsliced baguette , a cold cut platter, and a nice glass of white wine.

The perfect cheese fondue ! Bon Appétit !