Cotswolds Dry Gin

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Cotswolds Dry Gin

The award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin is a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals. Indeed it includes local lavender from the Cotswolds and freshly peeled pink grapefruit and lime zest.

Due to the unusually high volume of botanicals they use, the gin causes a beautiful pearlescent cloud. You will notice it when ice or tonic is added.

At last we can define it as a juniper-led gin with fresh citrusy notes and a hint of lavender.

Carefully sourced ingredients;

Juniper berries, coriander seed and angelica root form the classic foundation for our Cotswolds Dry Gin

Then, they add Cotswold lavender from nearby Snowshill and bay leaves. Moreover, the citrus element comes from freshly-peeled lime and pink grapefruit zest.

Unusually thye use fresh peels rather than dried because of the greater quantity of essential oils.

This entails peeling several hundred limes and grapefruits per week, by hand! The final botanicals are cardamom seed and black peppercorn, to give a hint of spice.

Tasting Notes for Cotswolds Dry Gin:

  • NOSE

    Fresh notes of grapefruit with earthy coriander backed-up by sweet, piney juniper. A hint of perfumed Cotswold lavender.


    Clean, pine juniper spice with fresh citrussy grapefruit. A touch of dryness from the angelica root, with eucalyptus notes from bay leaf. Subtle lime and lavender.


    Clean and balanced. Juniper, citrus and some cooling notes from bay leaf and cardamom.

    Enjoy this gin with some delicious petit fours or simply with some saucisson for an appetizer drink !