Chorizo Saucisson Mini Stick

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Chorizo Saucisson Mini Stick

For a successful aperitif or snack, discover the Chorizo Saucisson Mini sticks.

Indeed those Chorizo Saucisson Stick are the important addition to your aperitif, cold cut platter with family, colleagues or friends or picnic or snacks!

Enjoy with a glass of red wine or Rosé or simply for snacking.

History of Chorizo Saucisson Mini Sticks

No one knows which came first, sausages or cured sausages. Although traces of history for sausage come back to the Greco Roman Period.

In 1546, Rabelais, French Writer and undeniable hedonist will mention the word:” saucisson” cured sausage.

How to choose your saucisson ?

Sausages have different sizes and shapes. Rosette to slice or various cured sausages. You can also choose it bite sized like those sticks. Perfect option for snacking !

You will find different labels and quality endorsements such as “Pure Pork ” or Premium Standard, which guaranteed a minimum of quality.

The sausage natural bloom should be white and greyish.

Simply select a straight cut well sharped blade to avoid to damage the meat cut your sausage in thin slices and enjoy all the savour and flavours!

If you do not want to bother cutting, simply select Chorizo Saucisson Mini Stick, for a small bite!

A pure moment of pleasure and conviviality.
Premium pork meat is selected to handmade those traditional  Saucisson Mini Stick. The skin is edible as made of natural casing (directly from Pork). No preservatives are used for this range

Bon appétit !