Beaujolais Villages Rosé Famille Gauthier

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Beaujolais Villages Rosé Famille Gauthier

Laurent Gauthier shares with us he considers him very lucky to live in Morgon.

Indeed He wants to keep this authentic spirit that he express through his wines . He wants to ensure the sustainability of the estate which has acquired noble values ​​over time. Thus, he does not hesitate to bend his back to be closer to his vines. They are firmly rooted in a soil rich in history and tradition.

Today it is a real pride that grows with time. He is the holder of a unique know-how. From year to year he refines with the lessons that nature gives him. He enjoys cultivating my difference by composing with the geology of his land.

“it’s a bit like a painter composing with his color palette . We project ourselves individually through his work!

We have always been keen to work as closely as possible to our environment. For years, we have been committed to protecting nature and our work by favoring sustainable development. It is for these values ​​that we have decided to be part of the Terra Vitis network .

Epicurean, the composition of a wine is for me like that of a dish, and in both cases I seek finesse, balance and the emotion of the taster … With the only difference, that for wine I have only one ingredient: gamay, which expresses itself differently depending on its terroir .”

Grape Variety: 100% Gamay

Tasting Notes: At first a pinky color. Then the nose is fruity and aromatic. Really fruit driven typical of Gamay grape variety. An iron hand in a velvet glove created this rosé in which a lot of nostalgia emerges: a pure moment of happiness to share!

Food Pairing suggestions: Traditionally as an aperitif, on grills and barbecues, also try on white meats and grilled and marinated fish, scallop skewers, pork tenderloin and grilled rib of beef.