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Chorizo in slices 100g

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Pin slices 100g

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Chorizo in slices 100g

First it is a pork sausage that can be enjoyed either raw or cured.

But it is always strongly flavoured, either with smoked paprika or chilis. Then Made from Pork it includes smoked paprika, herbs, garlic, and white wine. Later, the ingredients are then inserted into casing that can range from short to quite long.

If you like the intense flavour of chorizo with a touch of spiciness, this is yours. A spicy chorizo, but in its right measure. You will enjoy the Smokey flavours.
The chorizo is made with chopped pork meat and pork fat, seasoned with paprika and garlic, all stuffed into natural gut.

The red colour so characteristic of the meat is given by a special paprika known as “pimenton”. This feature is what makes different Spanish chorizo from other sausages elsewhere.
The sausage is stuffed into pork guts, whether the small intestine and the large (for instance), in our time are used edible skin of non-animal origin.

History of Chorizo

The chorizo has a primitive origin as it is closely linked to the “slaughter of the pig,” one of the gastronomic traditions, festive, cultural and even religious tradition in most rural villages in Spain. Most of families were supplied with a storage of meat for the entire year.

In the fifteenth century cattle are bred outside the cities and parts were sold to butchers when killed. But it was different with the pigs. The pig was growing up in the villages, were killed in the streets and the chorizo was prepared by the family. This custom is something that still exists in some villages, “The slaughter of the pig.”


enjoy it with a glass of red wine, a cold cut platter or a glass of Rose.

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