Buckwheat Sourdough bread loaf

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Buckwheat Sourdough by Monsieur CHATTÉ .

450g loaf bread.

This loaf bread has a very crusty crust and a fluffy crumb in the inside.

A Sourdough traditional recipe from France.

A delight with simply a spread of sea salt butter. A great companion for your cheese platter or a cold cut platter.

A great and heathy variation to the traditional French Baguette. This bread can be kept over the next day and can be enjoyed toasted for your breakfast.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat gluten, Buckwheat flour, malted wheat flour, water, salt,

wheat sourdough, yeast.

May contain traces of nuts or sesame. This bread does not suit any gluten free diet.

But This bread is suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diet.


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