The Grazing box by Monsieur CHATTÉ

Price: Regular HKD 658

This box is packed in a 100% environmental friendly packaging !

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The Grazing box by Monsieur CHATTÉ

The Grazing box by Monsieur CHATTÉ is the perfect box to enjoy with your family member, friend or colleague.

Then, Ready and set for you, you simply need to open it and it ready for a tasting.

It fits easily 4 persons for a snack, aperitif and drink for pre dinner to chill out with family or friends, between the day’s activity and a pleasurable meal.

Enjoy this set not only on a  Junk Boat trip, but also for a picnic, or at a friend’s place / your hotel ( for staycation or quarantine) as we can deliver to you as per your requirement !

Don’t wait any longer ! Try and taste the French Lifestyle.

The perfect way to travel around the different regions of France.

The Grazing box by Monsieur CHATTÉ, packed in 100% environmental friendly packaging includes:

A farmhouse cheese selection such as young fruity Comte 6-8 months, Gouda with Truffles all served with grapes.
For cold cuts you can enjoy some varieties such saucisson balls, Paris Cooked ham, Rosette qualite superieure, Speck Ham with some French Gherkins.
Also some Fresly baked French bread, green olives, Homemade Croque Monsieur, Espelette Chili pork terrine, a 4 citrus jam that you can enjoy on Bread or excellent pairing with the cheese selection.
At last, 2 canneles de Bordeaux and 2 madeleines homemade by Monsieur CHATTE chef pastry for the sweet tooth guests.


Bon Appetit !

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