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Sous Vide Homemade Pesto Sauce (1 to 2px)

Price: Regular HKD 60

Fit for 1-2 person.

Homemade Fresh. Can be frozen if necessary !


Sous Vide Homemade Pesto Sauce (1 to 2px)

New at Monsieur CHATTÉ !

Enjoy tasty food with no preservative in the comfort of your home. A healthy mind in a healthy body ! Easy storage in fridge or in Freezer.

How to reheat :

First 1) The best way  reheat  in a bain Marie or sous vide => Keep original packaging and put it in a hot water for 20 mins.

Or 2)Open the pack serve on a plate and reheat in microwave for 2 to 3 mins or in a casserole for couple of minutes at low fire.

Discover the whole range of Sous vide product at Monsieur CHATTE such as sous vide Lamb stew, sous vide boeuf bourguignon or bolognaise sauce. A perfect way to enjoy healthy food like in a French restaurant. Be your own chef.

Should you be interest to have a tailor made menu that you could adapt for your week, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Have you ever try our Healthy meal – packed individually?

First, this solution can also suit any needs.

Then, we can vaccum this selection for you as well.

Last, Please let us know in the remark part or call us for more information.

It could be a great option if you are 1 to 2 px at home and would prefer to use it for a whole week meal plan.






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