Sandwich box Soft Wheat bread sandwiches

From: HKD 108

Minimum order 12 boxes only

A minimum order of 3 boxes per variation is required.

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Sandwich box Soft Wheat bread sandwiches

First, enjoy our new Sandwich boxes for your corporate lunch meeting.

Then, for a minimum order 12 boxes, you can enjoy an healthy meal.

Last. feel free to select a mix and match of any combination to propose more varieties.

Each packaging and cutlery sets  are 100% environmental friendly.

Soft Wheat bread Sandwich (please select one choice)

Tuna & Egg / BLT (Bacon, lettuce, Tomato) / Dry Ham Emmental Pesto / Avocado, Roasted Mushroom and Pumpkins (V)


Salad (please select one choice)

Potato salad / Grated Carrots with Dijon mustard seasoning


Dessert (please select one choice)

Fruit or Madeleine or Brownies

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