Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.
- 40%

Rum Takamaka Saint Andre

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ABV: 40%



Rum Takamaka Saint Andre


First, Located 1,000 miles away from any other place, Takamaka home in the Seychelles is truly on the opposite side of the rum-making world.

Inspired by La Plaine St Andre, their distillery and plantation, Takamaka Bay offers an 8 Year Aged Rum that is exceptionally smooth.

Enjoy it on the rocks or in cocktails.

The St André Series is a collection of four rums that really show what we are about as rum makers.

They have been crafted to showcase a rich heritage and Creole traditions.

At the same time they are pushing the boundaries of conventional rum making.

Did you know about Rum Takamaka

First, La Plaine St André has been a part of the Takamaka story for over a decade.

However, its history dates back to the time of the first settlers in Seychelles.

Then,  St. Jorre family in 1792 built it.

At this time  La Plaine St André represented an estate amongst exotic gardens.

Named after Jean-Francois Jorre de St. Jorre’s birth town in Réunion, La Plaine St André covered over 60 acres of land at its peak.

Surely, they played a big role in the agricultural economy of the Seychelles. In the 1900s,  they growed cinnamon, vanilla, coconut and patchouli for export to Europe.

Through the years, La Plaine St André has filled many functions as a coconut mill.

To name a few: National Monument, a boat repair yard, regal car garage, Eco Museum, restaurant and even an art gallery.

It has burnt down.  Then, it’s been rebuilt. Finally at one point became neglected when funding was sparse.

In 2008, after four years of tenacious campaigning, Trois Frères Distillery was granted a 50 year lease on La Plaine St. André.

They spent the next two years lovingly and carefully restoring the grounds.

Together with the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, Richard and Bernard continue to preserve and promote the historical and cultural role of La Plaine St.André .

The owners also invite visitors  to discover more about Seychelles Rum with visists.

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