Premium Breakfast platter B

From: HKD 120


Premium Breakfast platter B

Monsieur CHATTE chefs cater for any occasions: breakfast, lunch but also tea time and dinner.

With this Premium Breakfast platter B enjoy a Breakfast or a Tea Time like in Paris.

Each platter can be labelled with ingredients list and name for an easy logistics upon reception.

This box includes:

Croque Monsieur CHATTE / Navette sandwich (ham & cheese) (Choose 1)

Bayonne ham salad / Paris ham salad / Vegetarian salad (Choose 1)

Paris mushroom stuffed with Bacon & AOP French cream and cheese

Mini Chocolate Coconut Tart / Mini Apple Tart (Choose 1)

Precut seasonal fruits

First, our chefs carefully select any single ingredients. Then, all our food is made freshly, homemade and handmade with no preservatives or additives.

Last but not least, our platter are 100% eco friendly. Not only recyclable they are biodegradable and compostable.

Monsieur CHATTE team has been catering for more than 14 years in Hong Kong.

Whether you plan cocktails and canapes, a buffet lunch or dinner, a child ‘s birthday party or a full day catered corporate event, our professional team will adapt to your needs and budget as well as special requests.

Contact us at [email protected] for a tailor made quotation or larger order. We can provide soft and alcohol beverage package, rental services as well as rental services upon demand.