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Mini Sandwich platter

From: HKD 600

20 Mini Sandwiches



Mini Sandwich platter

First this Mini Sandwich platter includes 20 mini soft bread sandwiches.

Then, They are filled with different variations to pamper different palate. Vegetarian, Vegan, pescatarians and meat lovers!

Indeed, Easy to enjoy with a soft bread, our chefs will make them freshly on the day for your party.

Most of all, you can choose 3 sandwich flavours from the list below for your platter.

  1. Le Parisien (Ham and Cheese)
    Cured cold cut Rosette & Gherkins
    Tuna & Egg
    Egg Mayonnaise (V)
  2. Houmous and Salad (Vegan)
  3. Salmon & cream cheese (Pescatarian)
  4. Mashed avocados (Vegan)

This platter features a variety of tasty mini sandwiches that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Last but not least, whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a quick and convenient meal, our Mini Sandwich Platter is the perfect choice. Order yours today and treat yourself to a delightful selection of mini sandwiches that are packed with flavor!

At Monsieur CHATTÉ, most importantly they are the perfect addition for your cocktail party , Lunch or tea time meeting but also your Junk Boat party.

As artisan in gastronomy, we deliver an impeccable experience in line with our customers’ expectations.

Our commitment to excellence starts with a meticulous selection of French suppliers, prioritizing small local producers to ensure quality and authenticity.

In our kitchen, recipes are crafted in strict adherence to French culinary traditions. Operating on a made-to-order basis, we prioritize sustainability and minimize waste, reflecting our dedication to both exquisite cuisine and environmental consciousness.




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