Mimolette 24 months – 100g

Price: Regular HKD 85

Order by weight – 100G/pack – packed in breaking for more enjoyment and easy tasting. (Should you prefer a big piece with your requested weight, Please do let us know this remarks on “Remarks” column”.)

Raw cow milk

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Mimolette 24 months  is this round hard cheese.

It has a bright orange paste, and a characteristic moon-like surface.

This cheese comes from Noth of France (Lille area). It is a very crumbly cheese so we usually enjoy it in breakings straight from the wheel as the crust is not really enjoyable.

When young it delivers a great nutty taste, which becomes more intense when aged and get strong, tangy with citrus and roasted nuts.

Mimolette Extra Vieille pairs extremely well with beers or either dessert wines or lighter reds such as Loire Valley red wines or Pinot noir from Burgundy.

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