Les 3 Crudités 8-12px Salad platter

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Les 3 Crudités 8-12px Salad platter

Have more variety for your guests with this salad including Lentils, Taboulé and Beetroots.

The salad comes in an aluminium tray.

Monsieur CHATTÉ salad creations. Indeed, the perfect addition for your lunch or corporate catering.

The catering tray will fit 8 to 12px depending if this is a main or a side or a starter.

Discover our Salad Ranges Monsieur CHATTÉ is very famous for in Hong Kong such as a traditional lentils salad or our Pasta Feta & Sun-dried Tomatoes salad  and so many more..

Mens sana in corpore sano

Monsieur CHATTÉ, the expert caterer with a large choices of salads in Hong Kong. Corporate lunch, healthy catering solutions.