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Le Sable Biscuit “Mere Poulard”

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Le Sable Biscuit “Mere Poulard”

Le sable biscuit “Mère Poulard” is a type of biscuit produced by the famous French brand “Mère Poulard.” The sable biscuit, also known as shortbread, is a classic French cookie that is buttery, crumbly, and often has a sandy texture. “Mère Poulard” has a high-quality baked goods. Indeed, their sable biscuit makes no exception. A popular choice to enjoy with tea or coffee. More importantly, its rich buttery flavor makes it a delightful treat.

Ineed, It is known for its rich buttery flavor and is a popular treat in Brittany and throughout France.

“Le Sable Biscuit” by “Mere Poulard” is likely a round-shaped butter biscuit. Traditional French butter cookies have rich, buttery flavor, crisp texture, and simple yet delightful taste. They often have a golden-brown color, which comes from the high butter content in the dough.

La Mère Poulard is a historic French brand.   its traditional French butter cookies is one of its heritage.
They use high-quality ingredients in their products.

History of La Mere Poulard, brand of Le Sable Biscuit

First, la Mère Poulard is an integral part of the history of Mont-Saint-Michel and of France.

Indeed, Annette Poulard fulfilled her dream of opening her inn, La Mère Poulard at Mont-Saint-Michel in 1888, in the heart of the historic, medieval village that is part of the Wonder of the Western world. Her talents were soon acknowledged. Indeed,we gave her the honorary title of “Mère”/ This is a distinction recognizing her great abilities in the kitchen and her contribution to the renown and culinary traditions of France.

Then, this is how The name “Mère Poulard” gets essence. This title adds her to the ranks of other great female chefs, including the famous Mère Brazier of Lyon.

Nowadays, La Mère Poulard continues to transmit its know-how in the historic inn of Mont-Saint-Michel. This know-how comes in a franchise of restaurants to promote French food abroad.

Last but not least, the brand also offers a range of quality and tasty food products. French-style fooding!

The original traditional packaging makes it the perfect French gift to offer.

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