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Coucous Party set – 6 to 8px

From: HKD 1,298

All food are delivered in disposable container.

Kindly mention us upon order should you want us to deliver it warm or cold ( as you prefer to reheat yourself)


Coucous Party set – 6 to 8px

Enjoy a delicious Coucous Party set full of spices and aromas in the comfort of your home.

Considered as one of the French Favourite dish, you can definitely find various Couscous recipes while travelling in the Mediterranean cradle.

Our Monsieur CHATTE Couscous Party set includes:
Slow cooked veggies, Chicken meat and Spicy Beef and Lamb traditional Merguez as well as Couscous for 6 to 8 px.

You will also be granted of 1 FREE bottle of red or Rose wine 75cl of your choice below:

This offer is valid until stock lasts.

This set includes a Free delivery to Hong Kong Island AND Kowloon as well as Free cuttlery for 6 to 8px only.

Couscous Origins and culture.

Couscous is a staple dish in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. It’s also widely consumed in North Africa, the Middle East, Libya, and Egypt.

The word couscous comes from the Berber word keskas. Indeed it refers to the utensil where we  cook the couscous in. More importantly, in Morocco, what we call “couscous” is actually known as smida. It refers to tiny balls of semolina flours made of durum wheat.

This fundamental dish to Moroccan cuisine is cooked in large quantities. It is commonly enjoyed on the national Moroccan holy day, Friday.

Couscous is usually served in a communal dish and represents the opportunity to gather and share with family and friends.




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