Champagne Didier Leclerc Brut

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Champagne Didier Leclerc Brut is made of a blend of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and chardonnay.

Then, Champagne from independent grower Didier Leclerc Brut, based just outside of Epernay. Family business for generations.

Indeed, Unique sustained Champagne tint from black and white grapes.

First of all, it is Premier Cru, 100% of the grapes come from Premier Cru, and the champagne is produced and sold by independent grape farmers.

At last, Champagne pairs perfectly with any meal. For cheese, we would recommend to try it with langres . Enjoy it as well with our selection of petits fours such as smoked salmon blinis .

Tasting Notes:

First, This Champagne is aromatic and approachable. Indeed, the wine has a golden color. Then the nose offers tight citrus notes and freshly cut apple. Effervescence is fine and steady. A sip reveals a smooth texture with flavours of crisp apple, subtle ripe pear and citrus underscored by faint pastry and bready notes. At last he palate to develop texture and a fine structure.

This champagne is a perfect gift or the perfect wine to share with friends, corporate clients during cocktail party or with your family during CNY, Xmas or any birthday or anniversary celebration.


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