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Vermouth Routin Blanc

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ABV: 16.90%



Vermouth Routin Blanc Distillerie des Alpes

First, Routine Dry Vermouth is an aromatic, herbal, fresh and floral.

Indeed, it is an evocative vermouth from this old distillery that brings the alps to life in your glass.

Vermouth Routin Blanc is made in Chambéry with French white Sauvignon wine, local Jacquère wine and an artful blend of 18 plants, flowers and spices. Its refined bouquet is characterised by aromatic thyme notes, as well as light spicy notes. Its very sweet taste and pale yellow colour lend it a distinctive character.

The black elder, poetically referred to as the fairy tree, is in fact a shrub. Its small, white and intensely fragrant flowers are grouped in umbels (meaning that the stalks grow into an umbrella-shaped sphere).
Its fruits look like blackberries and ripen in August.

Elderflowers impart fresh, honey and floral top notes to Vermouth Routin Blanc.

How to enjoy Vermouth Routin Blanc

A great friend for Cocktail indeed or for our traditional Martini. You can also enjoy it as a drink with some olives and sesame snacks bites for appetizer.

Due to its high alcohol content you can surely keep the bottle open for long and no need to finish it in an evening as a bottle of wine.

Distillerie des Alpes

Created in 1893, it stems from the Distillery’s century-old craftsmanship. A careful selection of génépi sprigs, coupled with complete mastery of distillation and maceration times, highlights the plant’s intense and subtle flavours, with no hint of bitterness.

Conscious of the need to preserve its craftsmanship and revive traditional production methods, in 1998 La Distillerie Des Alpes brought back into service its oldest alembic, made in 1901 but unused for more than 50 years.
They produce the liquor in this still. It treats the plants gently and imparts the liqueur’s unique and traditional taste.



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