Table Gift Box Papillotes milk chocolate Revillon

Price: HKD 68

60g pack


Table Gift Box Papillotes milk chocolate Revillon France

Gift Box: 60g

First find all the sweetness of milk chocolate in these delicious praline papillotes.

Then, all of the papillotes contains a sweet message, they make your holiday moments unforgettable!

Today, the foil is always a sensation, especially at Christmas time.

Declined in many essential and original flavours, the wraps of Eve have conquered us with their inspirational quotes and proverbs.

Served at the end of the meal accompanied by a coffee, a tea or a digestif, this festive greed reinvents each year, for our greatest pleasure!

Discover the whole range of Révillon chocolate at Monsieur CHATTÉ. Rochers, dark chocolate papillotes, orangettes and chocolate boxes to pamper your family and guests around Christmas Time.


Did you know?

Papillotes Origins

True symbol of conviviality at the end of the year, the papillote is a treat you could not live without! Colorful, gourmet and sometimes explosive, the papillotes originate from a sweet and tender love story.

A young clerk desperately in love offered twists in which he slipped a message to declare his love to the chosen of his heart. The chocolates belonged to his patron Mr. Papillot who kept the idea that he found adorable and ingenious by slipping inspiring proverbs.