Sweet mix seeds nuts Vico

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Sweet mix seeds nuts Vico

The Apérifruits sweet mix is ​​a mixture of coconut favourites, apples, grapes, almonds.
An alliance of original fruits and gourmet seeds for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.
Offer your guests a unique and gourmet moment Thanks to the Sweet mix seeds nuts Vico and its unusual combination of ingredients that are both soft and crunchy, for surprising and unique sensations in the mouth!

Enjoy the mix nuts with a glass of Rosé or red wine! Or simply at Tea time to enjoy a source of Magnesium !

Brand History

It all started when a few farmers from Picardy decided to pool their efforts to create a cooperative based in Vic-sur-Aisne. A city that will inspire its name: Vico!

Nowadays, Vico is the specialist in Potato Chips and other potato related products. In 1998 Intersnack took over the brand.
Then, Intersnack France is the leader French manufacturer for salty snacks market. It comes from a merger between Lorenz Bahlsen and Vico.

It has more than 600 employees and is the largest non-German subsidiary of Intersnack.
In 2011,  Vico brand became the umbrella company for all of Intersnack’s products in France. Then the famous slogan ‘King of the Potato” became ‘King of the Appetizer’ .
The Intersnack group’s products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. Sales in France exceed €250 annually.

Ingredients for Sweet mix seeds nuts Vico 

PEANUTS 23%, grapes 23%, sugar, apple 17%, ALMONDS 10%, glucose-fructose syrup, coconut 1.3%, acidity regulator: citric acid, sunflower oil, natural flavor.