Special Toast – gingerbread

From: HKD 90

Each pack contains 8 slices (70g)


Special Toast – gingerbread by Mulot & Petit Jean.

For Christmas, Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to import gingerbread in slices with 2 different flavours mustard seeds or Figs and walnuts.

Each pack contains 75g which equals to 8 slices.

The ideal condiment to serve with your foie gras for your Christmas dinner starter!

Mulot & Petitjean History:

Founded over 220 years ago, Mulot & Petitjean has had a long and prestigious history with over two centuries of traditions and know how.

It makes innovation a priority, whilst preserving all the techniques, skills and expertise of days gone by.

A traditional Production:

Production begins with the creation of a base dough made from wheat flour, honey and sweeteners.

First they knead the dough and then leave it to rest for a minimum of two weeks.

Next, they work again on the base dough to make it more pliable during a process called ‘turning’.
Then, they add Egg yolks, raising agents, spices and natural flavours.

Last they roll, cut or place the “The ‘turned’ dough on a baking tray or in moulds.
The cooking time varies from a few minutes to two hours depending on the product being made.
The items or commodities can then be filled, iced or decorated with candied fruits.

The famous Mulot & Petitjean Nonnettes are made in the traditional way in Dijon according to an authentic gourmet recipe which will delight people of all ages.