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Slightly acid Mini pastilles Cruzilles

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Slightly acid Mini pastilles Cruzilles

Different flavors such as

Mandarine / tangerine – framboise / raspberry – noix de coco / coconut

fruit de la passion / passion fruit – citron vert / lime – pamplemousse / grapefruit

Discover the French confectionery elevated to the rank of art!

With Cruzilles heart fruit cryztallized sticks, enjoy a flavoursome candied fruits thanks to the expert of Auvergne confectionner master.

Cruzilles has a history full of senses and flavors.

Expert in France for their candied fruits, everything is made in Auvergne (in the heart of France). They pay attention to details such as chosen fruits, in the closest orchard with 100% natural ingredients. Slowly, the confectionary masters transform these fruits in the respect of  methods and know-how dated of the XVth century,
in order to reveal their unique and gourmet flavour.Those products accompany all your moments of share, pleasure and they are perfect with the chocolate. They are like sweet moments of the French They are like sweet moments of the French “Art de Vivre”, which Cruzilles“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” promotes around the world.
Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to direct import Cruzilles crystallized fruit candies. Discover the whole range such as Crystallized fruits in gift box, calissons, marshmallow or their delicious Jam Extra and organic range.