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Sesame crispy Breadstick Grissini

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Sesame crispy Breadstick Grissini

First, Sesame Crispy Breadstick Grissini is a traditional recipe with toasted sesame seeds.
Then, Fragrant breadsticks with Extra Virgin Olive Oil  it has an authentic taste of sesame seeds. Also naturally rich in unsaturated and mineral fats. The Breadstick Grissini is the perfect addition to a Cold cut platter. You can also surely dig it into a baked camembert to replace your bread or cracker or inside a vegetarian dip.



Unbleached wheat flour, sesame seeds (4%), extra virgin olive oil (3.5%), salt, fresh yeast, malted wheat flour.

May contain: milk and soy.

Keep the product sealed in a cool, dry place, away from light sources.



Each and every one of us has an ambition, something we want more than anything else in life. But to make this come true, you need determination. Giuseppe Bigiogera had determination. He dreamt of making something that was only for Milan, something the people of Milan could be proud of. And he succeeded.

To discover the origins of Vitavigor you have to go back to the end of the 50s, to a Milan in full fervor. In the Bicocca area, at the time surrounded by fields, where one could find the first large factories of an industrial Milan – Falck, Pirelli, Breda, Marelli… – the historic bakery of our family’s tradition rose. This is where Giuseppe Bigiogera worked. His bakery was successful, Giuseppe was talented, but he wanted more. Among the tests and experiments he made in the back room of his bakery in Via Ponale, one in particular suggested the way forward: Milan needed its breadsticks. Tastier, crispier breadsticks… “El super Grissin de Milan”. It was 1958 and Vitavigor was born, a brand that still bares its stamp of vitality and energy, inspired by the Latin words “Vita-vitae, Vigor-vigoris”, or “life and strength”. Originally a point of arrival, Milan soon became a point of departure: Vitavigor vans started delivering to the region of Lombardy, Tuscany and soon all over Italy.