Saucisson sec porc fermier 250g

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Saucisson sec porc fermier 250g

First, premium pork meat is selected to handmade those traditional saucissons. The skin is edible as made of natural casing (directly from Pork). No preservatives are used for this range.

Then,, 100% Pure French Pork.

 Several flavours are available such as Green pepper, walnut, sea salt.
Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to direct import his Saucissons from Maison Loste, butcher charcutier for over 150 years. Maison Loste has retained the family values and artisanal spirit of its founder, Pierre Loste.
Simply sliced thinly the saucisson with a sharp knife.
You can enjoy them on its own with a glass or red wine such as Cotes du Rhone or a delicious rosé from Provence.
Share them with friends alongside a cold cut platter or cheese platter.
Most of all, A pure moment of pleasure and conviviality.

Try serving this delicious farmer’s pork sausage alongside drinks with family or friends !