Saucisson Pur Porc 250g

Price: HKD 95


whole saucisson. Prepacked.


Saucisson Pur Porc 250g from Salaison Cros, since 1936.

The manufacturing secret of this saucisson : quality meat, sea salt and… patience.

Selecting the meat: cured  saucissons are made with carefully selected lean meat from premium cuts such as the shoulder, leg, etc.

1st step: Mincing. Once the meat and fat have been selected it is then minced. The mixture is then seasoned with salt, pepper and spices.
This sausage filling is called mêlée in French.

2nd step: Stuffing. Then comes the meticulous and skilful job of stuffing the sausage meat into natural casings, before hanging them onto wooden bars. The use of natural casings ensures a slow curing process in the meat dryers.

3rd step: Steaming and Drying. The saucissons are then slowly cured.
During this stage the sausages develop a natural bloom and the characteristic flavour of cured meat.

Enjoy our Pur Porc saucisson as a snack together with baguette or crackers and a glass of red wine.