Sancerre Le Mont 2019

Price: HKD 299

Sancerre Le Mont – Maison Foucher




Sancerre Le Mont 2019, Maison Foucher.

The vineyard spreads out on 2,770 hectares located on the left bank of the Loire River and surrounding Sancerre village, nestled on top of a hill. The appellation produces 80% white wines and 20% red wines.

Grape Variety :  100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Tasting Notes:

Color: pale yellow with light green shades.

Nose: classic citrusy nose and flintiness.

Palate: A pure finesse with incredible freshness, minerality and a good depth. It contrasts with some productions that tend to be richer and heavier on the palate.

Wine Pairing: Best served at 11.-13C. Will best accompany raw or grilled fish, fresh goat cheese or just enjoy it on its own as a cocktail wine!