Saint Felicien 180g

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Thermised cow milk

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Saint Felicien 180g.

First, created at the beginning of the 20th century, Saint Félicien was initially made with goat’s milk but is now exclusively made with cow’s milk.

They are made in Rhone Alpes. When ripen, the taste is slightly nutty and spoonable at room temperature. The wrinkled yellow rind has a light dusting of white mould.

It ages for 2-6 weeks, developing a bloomy rind and a natural golden-beige color. Saint-Félicien is a dauphinois cheese. It refers to the former French province of Dauphine in which it was born.

Today it’s made in the Haute-Ardeche area of the Rhône-Alpes region. It’s quite is similar to another dauphinois cheese called Saint-Marcellin.

However the Saint-Félicien is slightly fattier and creamier, and can be larger in diameter.

Tasting Notes: Like Saint-Marcellin, Saint Felicien is a soft, gentle and highly accessible cheese. Its softness is due to the hand-scooped, uncooked and unpressed curd during fabrication, as well as the occasional addition of cream. It is creamy, buttery, slightly tart, and nutty.

Wine Pairings Recommendation: Saint-Félicien is quite mild therefore it works well as the introductory cheese on a cheese plate.

First, pair it with light and fruity wines that can enhance the soft flavors of the cheese. A Côtes du Rhône (Crozes-Hermitage, Vacqueyras) or a Beaujolais (Brouilly, Morgon Cote de Py) would be a great friend !

Can also be roasted in oven then tossed on a salad with bacon. We recommend to add some acacia honey on top with Provencal herbs!

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