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Rouille du Pecheur 90g





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Rouille, Conserverie Hennequin,L’île d’Yeu, 90g

Rouille is a Provençal mayonnaise sauce made of saffron, garlic, breadcrumbs, cayenne pepper and olive oil.

French rouille sauce is a thick, bread-enriched sauce that gets much of its flavour and colour from the spices.

The perfect sauce to enjoy with a fish soup such as bouillabaisse, fish soup and rock fish soup.

As we say in Marseille, a bouillabaisse without rouille, it is like Marseille without sunshine.

Rouille also pairs deliciously with a cold steamed shrimp, any fried fish or seafood. You can also use it as a sauce with firm grilled seafood such as swordfish, sturgeon or Pacific white sea-bass.

How to use:
The perfect addition with croutons to enjoy with a fish soup or Bouillabaisse. You can also enjoy this spicy sauce with steamed, boiled fishes, shellfishes or raw vegetables as a condiment.

Keep in the fridge. Once open, consume it within 8 days.

About the Brand, Conserverie Hennequin:

L’île d’Yeu is able to offer a variety of exceptionally fresh fishes all year round.

For three generations, Hennequin family has been able to develop its activity around the processing of fish. 

The Conserverie Hennequin  transforms the fish as soon as it arrives at the pier to offer you artisanal recipes developed with respect for traditions.

 Traditional preserves with a taste of the sea, guaranteed without GMOs and without preservatives.