Roquefort Carles – 100g

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Sheep milk


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Roquefort Carles is a remarkable blue vein cheese known for its beautiful ivory color. The texture is soft, moist, crumbly. The flavours is savoury with aromas of sheep’s milk, slightly sweet and distinctively salty.

AOP since 1929 Roquefort is produced by a handful of producers in southern France’s limestone mountains. All Roquefort are aged in the moist, cool caves of these mountains. Traditionally loaves of bread were put into caves to harvest the mould, them dried and ground to a powder used to inoculate the cheese. Today the mould is laboratory-grown from strains sourced in the caves.

Before serving let the cheese rest at room temperature and use a warm knife for clean cuts. Best paired with dark bread and unsalted butter. A perfect companion with a sweet wine like Sauternes or a gewurztraminer.

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