Reserve Saint Marc Pinot Noir

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Reserve Saint Marc Pinot Noir

The wines in the Réserve Saint Marc range are brimming over with freshness. These fruity, easy-drinking wines will charm all wine-lovers in search of a moment of pure pleasure.

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Noir

Soils / Terroir : The wine grows on the hottest and driest soils of the Languedoc, on dry and pebbly lands.

Tasting Notes: At first, a bright ruby red colour. Very aromatic bouquet with red-berry, floral and liquorice notes. The tannins ares oft and well-integrated on the palate. The red-berry flavours (wild strawberry, blackcurrant) reappear, together with touches of undergrowth, tobacco and toasted almonds.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Reserve Saint Marc Pinot Noir is great for apéritif. It pairs well with mackerel and potatoes, grilled tuna steak, roast poultry, Brie de Meaux cheese.

Serve best at 18-20C°.

Very convenient, this wine comes with a cork screw. Easy to open for a staycation in an hotel, on a Junk Boat trip or a picnic with family or friends!

Did you know?

The Origin of the name “Languedoc“:

The “Langue d’oc” was the version of French spoken in the south of the country, and Languedoc referred to the part of France in which the “language of Oc” was spoken. “Oc”  (from the Latin ac ) was the word for “yes” in this part of France, at a time when people in the north of France said “oeuil”, an old French word that has become modern French “oui”. Today, the “langue d’oc” survives in the many patois still spoken by a few people in rural areas of this part of France.
The new regional name Occitanie is another reference to the historic language of “Oc”.

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