Reserve Saint Marc Grenache Blanc

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Reserve Saint Marc Grenache Blanc

The wines in the Réserve Saint Marc range are brimming over with freshness. These fruity, easy-drinking wines will charm all wine-lovers in search of a moment of pure pleasure.

Grape Variety: 100% Grenache Blanc

Soils / Terroir : The wine grows on the hottest and driest soils of the Languedoc, on dry and pebbly lands.

Tasting Notes: At first, a brilliant pale yellow colour with green tints.

Then, a complex wine on the nose. It combines white-fruit aromas (peach, pear) with aniseed notes.  Overall, a spicy palate with flesh in the attack and a lovely fresh finish.

This lesser known white grape offers a crisp, refreshing and delightful style. A must try!

Food Pairing Suggestions:Reserve Saint Marc Grenache Blanc is ideal with aperitif. It is also a great friend with a tuna and ginger tartare or grilled fish or fresh goat cheese.

To enjoy at his best, serve it lightly chilled between 10 and 12°C.

Very convenient, this wine comes with a cork screw. Easy to open for a staycation in an hotel, on a Junk Boat trip or a picnic with family or friends!

Did you know?

Grenache blanc is a type of white wine grape. It is linked with the red grape called Grenache.

Frequently planted in the Rhone valley Wine ( mostly blended with Roussane it can contribute to the beautiful length of the wine) you can find this  grape variety as well in Northern Spain but also in Languedoc.

Grenache has a high alcohol and low acidity with notes of citrus and herbaceous.
It is a great alternative to a Sauvignon Blanc as quite rare to find as a mono varietal.