Quince Jam – Lucien Georgelin

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320g Glass Jar.



Quince Jam – Lucien Georgelin

This original recipe will please the most demanding gourmets.

Lucien Georgelin uses the best of the fruits to make his jams . He directly selects them from the orchards so the fruit is harvested when perfectly ripe.

Prepared with up to 60% fruit (where regulation requires only 45%) to guaranty the pleasure of the taste buds.

Slowly cooked in copper cauldrons with no additives, colourings or preservatives, thus preserving all the nutritional value of the fruit.

Simply spread on a slice of bread, enjoy Lucien Georgelin’s  jam at snack or breakfast time, with your coffee or tea .

How to use: keep at room temperature. After opening keep in fridge and consume within 10 days.


Who is Lucien Georgelin?

Lucien was born and raised in Southwestern France. This region known for its rich terroir, a soil that has given the world Cognac, Armagnac, and Bordeaux wines.

This dense earth, criss crossed by rivers, gives birth to a wide variety of fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, apricots, blackcurrants, mirabelles, quinces, nectarines and reine claudes, among many others. They fill the hilly landscape with vibrant dots of color.

Before making his mark on French gastronomy with his fruit spreads, he was a humble fruit farmer, cultivating fruit from a kaleidoscopic array of orchards, learning the secrets of the region’s rich ecosystems.

He used traditional recipes that were handed down to him by his mother, and cooked them in his own kitchen, with his own battered copper pot. The slow-cooking process, combined with the unique thermal qualities of the copper cauldron, yielded fruit preserves that befuddled the tastebuds of Lucien’s first customers. Indeed, these jams were made with more fruit and less sugar, which brought out the true aroma of the fruit. Only a former fruit farmer could have thought of creating jams that way.