Petit Camembert – Gillot – Organic Milk 150g

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Marie Harel created the original Camembert cheese from raw milk in Normandy, France in 1791. Today, however, a very small percentage of producers make cheese from raw milk with the same process as Marie Harel would have used. Those who produce cheese using Marie Harel’s method, can legally call their cheese Camembert Normandie under the AOC guidelines.


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Petit Camembert – Gillot – Organic Milk 150g.

Certified with European AB and BIO label and made of 100% milk from Normandy.

Made from raw organic cow’s milk rigorously selected from producers of the Normandy countryside. As a consequence, this Organic Camembert offers a palette of flavours and a unique gastronomic experience.

Cows have a very strict and control die, for instance eating certified organic pasture and forage.
This cheese is made from raw milk. In other words, the milk did not receive any heat treatment. As a consequence, it keeps all its flora intact and guaranty a rich taste and aromas with authentic flavours.

Tasting notes: The fresh Camembert cheese is bland, hard and crumbly in texture. Young Camembert has a milky and sweet taste. As the cheese matures it forms a smooth, runny interior. It has a rich, buttery flavour. The rind is bloomy white caused by a white fungus, called penicillium candidum.

Wine pairing suggestion: Enjoy it with a light red wine such as Pinot noir from Burgundy or Beaujolais.

A great friend as well with  St Emilion, St Estephe or traditionally a glass of Normandy cider.