Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP

Price: HKD 63

Order by weight – 100G/pack (Should you prefer a big piece with your requested weight, Please do let us know this remarks on “Remarks” column”.)

Shall you need 200g, order 2 times.

Shall you prefer we slice a bigger piece for us, please let us know.

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Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP .

Selling per 100g.

Pecorino Sardo is a traditional aged sheep cheese made only from raw sheep’s milk and lamb rennet on the Italian island called Sardegna. Crumbly, but still very delicate and not salty at all.

This cheese gets his old origin from Bronze Age. It received its DOP status in 1996.

In line with DOP standards, the cheese needs to be made with milk sourced from a single flock of local Sardinian breed.

After ageing for 2 months, the cheese develops a natural rustic brown rind and a sour, damp smell. Upon slicing, at first, the pate reveals a compact, dense, straw yellow colour with a creamy texture.

Rich in flavour, you will enjoy as well a granular texture and smokey flavours.

A great pairing with a riesling, pinot gris or merlot for red wine lovers.


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