Olivet au foin

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Olivet au foin

Soft-ripened French cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Produced in the town of Olivet, settled along the Loire river, this round shaped cheese is only produced in May and June from the milk of cows grazing on lush spring grasses.

Its period of ripening is approximately 3 months.

The cheese, similar as a Camembert in flavour has a white bloomy rind.

Tasting notes:  A cheese with a rich, herbal and floral flavours thanks to the straws of hay that decorate the rind.

The mild, salty flavour of the soft yellowy paste goes well with a wine from the same region Loire valley.

As an example it matches perfectly with a glass of  Chardonnay or Sancerre.

Enjoy this lovely seasonal Cheese on a cheese board with fresh bread and fruit.

Did you know?

Like the ash on certain cheeses (goat cheese in particular), hay traditionally had true virtues to preserve any cheese.

The cheeses were then kept in chests in which they were covered with ash or hay. It helped to protect them from external attacks and not to stick together. Above all, hay has now a decorative aspect that brings an additional fragrance to the cheese.