Mustard Seeds Raclette – 150g

Price: HKD 81

Sold per 150g pre-sliced.



Mustard Seeds Raclette – 150g.

Selling price is per 150g but you can pre-order any requested quantities and we slice freshly from the whole wheel for you.

A semi-hard paste mountain cheese found in the French Alps.

Located at the border with the Swiss Alps, the region is famous for its altitude melted cheeses. The mustard seeds add a touch of originality and a aromatic perfume to the cheese.

First, Raclette is all about fun and tasty moment.
It is a 5 to 6Kg wheel shaped mountain cheese, produced in the French and Swiss Alps.
Most of all, It looks and smells great.
Combined with potatoes, Cold cuts, green salad and gherkins, Raclette becomes an amazingly tasty and delicious dish.

A seasonal special to enjoy with the Traditional Raclette or Smoked Raclette.  Also pairs wonderfully with a sauvignon Blanc or a light red wine such as Pinot Noir from Burgundy.